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Stages of buying a used car

How do I buy a used car?

It is advisable before starting the purchase process to determine the price you can pay and review the prices of the websites of the used cars to find out the right price for the car.
Some may advise not to buy a used car from car showrooms .. Due to the dealers who have links with some service centers and maintenance .. These are dedicated to repairing the malfunctions of the car .. Looks as if it was not a malfunction before and hide the internal and apparent defects For a small price.
It is advised to check the mileage of the car, it is no secret that there are experts in the field of adjusting the car meter to reduce the number of kilometers traveled by the car
If you like a car that does not rush to buy before studying the market prices well, so you do not regret.
Do not skimp check the car you like in the service center specialist to check the cars to ensure its safety and validity and you can request a stamped certificate from the center after the examination and of course this may save you a lot of trouble and make you reassuring before buying
You can use a specialist technician to check the car or a friend who has experience.
Be sure to check the body of the car in terms of paint and rust and whether this car was subjected to an accident or not to examine the rust. Look carefully at the corners and places not visible, which may be neglected by traders, either for cost or neglect buyers such as side sills and door sill and tire cavity for The car was exposed to an accident or not and this appears in the color difference in some areas of the used car and also raised traces of spray paint remaining on the rubber frame of the doors as well as raised welding on the car floor and cavity and edges of the rolls and tires.
If you suspect thick layers of plumbing paste, you can test it with a magnet
 Examine the engine thoroughly and check the sound and whether it makes an unusual sound, or the presence of metal visits to the engine oil on the lid and supply hole as well as the exit of bubbles from the coolant water continuously indicates the lack of tightening the head of the engine block all this evidence of the aging of this engine
Check vehicle mechanics (brakes, steering, buttons, etc.) or not.
Check the brushes of the car well .. Does it look good thanks to maintenance or is it really good.
Make sure that all the dashboard and salon buttons work efficiently
Examination of the used car chairs well and is it very dirty or landed and lost strength as well as the chairs move easily in every direction possible and the presence of all this refers to the length of the use of the car and the many kilometers made even if the meter indicated otherwise
It is also important to ensure the safety of tires, knowing that the depth of the cavity of the new tire 7 mm.
Make sure you have received all copies of the keys of the car .. In relatively modern cars, which require keys to backup programming as well as you can change the alarm or the installation of a device that does not exist.

After purchase, you should visit a specialized service center to change the engine oils as well as check the battery in terms of size and the car engine and any other necessary things.

Stages of buying a used car

First Step: Study Phase 1 - Determine the type and brand of Arabic in terms of its suitability to your needs and your budget by arranging the factors of choosing the type of Arabic
A- Hatchback and Sedan
Do you need large interior spaces - do your travel a lot and have large bags
B-motor large or small
Your use of the country and the country in the travel of high speeds and long
The element of saving gasoline is important to your family
The number of people who are with you in Arabic is always a lot, not few or in most cases on your own
C. Spare parts prices
The price of spare parts is expensive ... with .. a great life span .... (excellent - but depending on your budget)
The price of spare parts is cheap ... with .. a little life span .... (good - for your budget because the Arab Mesh Hatqf because parts or accessories required)
The price of spare parts is expensive ... with .. Low life span .... (Bad)
D- Spare parts are available in power of attorney and outside power of attorney remains great
Maintenance places
- Operate agencies only (expensive - convenient - does not take long)
- Most of the mechanicals they understand (excellent)
-It has certain people (keep you know first)
After the step de Hatbaky identified and knew the brand of Arabia - the type of Arabic - motor - filled Arabic to stay where and the price of any
Step 2: The stage of the challengeDetermine the model of Arabic (year) that you want to buy through
A- What are the best models for this type?
B - know the average price of this model (year) through follow-up ads and direct contact and the market
C - Is the model is proportional in the average price with your budget and not .. If the highest sent down for the year Elly tribal and so
D-come down the market once (not to buy at all), but to watch and know the last price of the model after a small separation (and to determine the effective average price for this model) means not just talk ads

After this step, I will identify and define the Arabic model (year) exactly what I want to buy and also the average price in the market for this model.
Third step three: the stage of going down to buy
Cars are worth going down if they are in advertising or watching if they are in the market
1. Status
-Fabrika (factory paint) .... in full .... (Excellent)
-Fabrika inside only (under year 2000) ..... (good)
- There is no paint Fabrika in any year (means Rasha Libra and Jawa) ....... (Bad)
2. Price
-Above the average Elly you Talaatah ........ (Excellent)
-At the average you are Talaat ........ (good)
-Less than average Talaat ........ (bad)
3 - luxuries
Is the accessories recognized in this model of this year and does not favor any other additions
This is the standard capacity (cc) in this model this year
5. Color
Of the colors that were Meta

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